EU ETS Company Database

EU ETS Market Analysis


The EU ETS Company Database provides to our clients a clear competitive edge. It enables:

  • Carbon traders and brokers to identify the carbon asset distribution in the market (EUA portfolios, buy or sell yearly positions, company ranking, sectorisation, ...) and design winning trading strategies
  • Power traders and analysts to better evaluate cross-commodity interactions
  • Equity research analysts to assess the impact of carbon trading schemes on company valuations
  • Investors to assess and manage their carbon risk exposure
  • CSR professionals to report on their company and investment portfolio's carbon risk profile
  • SRI managers to calculate carbon emissions benchmarks, identify best corporate performers and design climate performance indexes
  • Asset managers to quantify their carbon risk exposure, manage carbon assets and design innovative carbon trading products (options, futures, repos)
  • Credit rating agencies to integrate carbon risk component into their corporate ratings
  • Business and strategy consultants to assess the value of corporate carbon assets and liabilities
  • Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) specialists to evaluate the carbon risk profiles of companies