EU ETS Company Database

Carbon footprint



Direct emissions - Scope 1


The EU ETS Company Database provides you with greenhouse gas emissions data on more 1000 companies operating in the EU and EEA countries. EU ETS emissions data are audited and verified every year by accredited third-parties, as according to the EU legal framework.

The EU ETS Company Database is therefore a trusted and powerful tool for helping professionnals conducting a carbon footprint analysis. Our solution provides you with direct emissions company data (scope 1), both at installation level as well as company level.

Greenhouse gas covered:

  • For years 2005-2012: CO2 (carbon dioxide)
  • From 2013: CO2 (carbon dioxide), N2O (nitrous oxide), PFC (perfluorocarbons)

Countries covered:

  • 28 EU countries
  • EEA countries: Norwway, Iceland, Liechtenstein